Goodbye London

Slowly the train rolls out of Euston train station into a mild rain shower. It is as if Manchester is sending a kind reminder not to be too disappointed about the weather back home.

Five weeks have I stayed and worked in London. I finished my project I came here for. Even better, I’m happy about my results. What I found? Well, it appears that bumblebees are very capable in distinguishing between an easy and a difficult task. If the task was easy they wouldn’t rely on information (which helps to solve the task) that is right 50% of the time. But if the task was difficult four times more bees readily followed that information. I find that fascinating.

Yet, I’ve not only worked here, I’ve also been a Londoner, even if it was only for a short amount time. I commuted in busy rush hour tubes, shopped in restless East End, went for a run in the Olympic Park and along the canals, lived in Hackney, visited pubs in Islington, and of course been around Queen Mary in Tower Hamlets.

More than coming around and accomplishing some work I met kind, open, and intellectually stimulating people. It was a delight to stay and work at Lars Chittka’s group where I received support from all sides, had great discussions, and felt welcome as if I would forever have been a part of that group.

Now, it is time to go back home again.

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